Recycle for Sight
International Services

Lions have established many international friendship contacts and participate in worldwide assistance programs. Lions support Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), the humanitarian aims of the United Nations, and conduct an international peace poster contest. Increasingly more young people are participating in the International Youth Exchange Program.

Recreational Services

Lions build playgrounds and donate equipment. They also build community centers, swimming pools, gardens, and town squares. Lions sponsor baseball, football, hockey, soccer, and other sports teams for youngsters. Clubs also plan and conduct carnivals, picnics, and various celebrations.

Social Services

Lions sponsor many programs for people who are physically or developmentally disabled, elderly people, and people who are underprivileged. Clubs and districts have also constructed homes for orphans and elderly people, as well as rehabilitation institutes for people with disabilities. Many clubs supply food baskets for the poor on a regular basis.

Helping The Blind See

Lions are recognized worldwide for their service to the blind and visually impaired. This service began when Helen Keller challenged the Lions to become "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness" during the association's 1925 international convention. Click here to read her inspiring speech.

The World Health Organization estimates that the eyesight of one-fourth of the world's population can be improved through the use of corrective lenses. Unfortunately for many, a pair of glasses is both unaffordable and inaccessible. In developing countries, an eye exam costs as much as one month's wages, and a single doctor may serve a community of hundreds of thousands of people.

The general public is encouraged to donate their used eyeglasses and sunglasses to their local Lions club, or to send them to one of the ten regional Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers.

See what happens when you donate your eyeglasses by clicking here.

Prevention and reversal of blindness is our major service commitment. This program takes the name of SightFirst, and includes the activities of every club working to control blindness. SightFirst is an international program dedicated to controlling blindness worldwide. Clubs work individually or through their districts to prevent and reverse the major causes of blindness in their area.

Lions Clubs have established glaucoma screening clinics, eye banks, and rehabilitation institutes. They support workshops and help pay scholarships for deserving blind students. The familiar "white canes" were introduced by the Lions and clubs provide guide dogs and other mobility needs.

Lions all over the world are encouraged to renew their commitment to the blind by assessing the blindness situation in their own communities and determining how they can participate in the fight against blindness.

Lions Opportunities for Youth Mission

To provide the young people of the world with opportunities for achievement, learning, contribution and service, individually and collectively, through sponsorship of activities identified as best practices in the field of youth development.

Drug Awareness - The threat of drug and alcohol abuse universal. Lions clubs have responded with educational programs designed to prevent drug abuse and help young people make healthy decisions about their lives. The Lions-Quest "Skills for Growing" program reaches children from kindergarten through fifth grades, while "Skills for Adolesence" curriculum is targeted at junior high and middle school students. We sponsor these and many other drug education efforts worldwide.

Educational Services - We award scholarships every year. We also sponsor career nights at high schools and invite locally prominent people to help graduates plan their futures. Literacy programs and vocational training in underpriviledged areas are also high on our agenda.

Youth Exchange - Lions clubs contribute greatly to international understanding and good will by participating in the Youth Exchange Program. Qualified young people are selected by sponsoring Lions clubs to visit other lands as the guest of host Lions clubs. They observe typical community life and gain knowledge of other cultures and peoples.

Christmas Program

We sell trees and wreaths to raise money to help fund our vision, youth and the various programs described here.

Citizenship Services

Lions work with veterans' organizations and participate in patriotic and civic programs in their communities. We sponsor youth groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Guides and others. Respect for law and work with delinquents are also important programs sponsored by clubs.

Diabetes Awareness

Millions of people suffer from diabetes worldwide and are unaware they have the disease. Lions educate the public about the warning signs of diabetes and its sight-threatening complications. Through Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), they also support medical facilities and research into the treatment and detection of diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of blindness.

Health Services

Lions provide extensive medical relief to underdeveloped areas and organize a wide range of disease detection and prevention programs. Medical research institutions have also been the recipients of generous contributions from Lions clubs and districts.

Auditory equipment is furnished to schools with hearing-impaired students, and scholarships are issued to youngsters with this disability. Lions conduct screening programs for children and adults, support a variety of rehabilitation services and provide and repair hearing aids for the needy.